Operation Military Pride – Ways to Support the Troops

Different Ways to Support the Military Troops —

It’s always important to show support for the people who fight for our continued freedom and ensure that we can maintain our standard of life without having to fear any disruptions due to forced military service. Our troops defend us against foreign and domestic enemies, and many of them do not get to be with their families during the holidays or throughout the year. There are also several troops who don’t have anyone to come back home to. Many of our troops go without several of the comforts we get to enjoy here at home. Sending our troops care packages through a charitable organization is just one way to show your support for the troops and help bring smiles to their faces.

Many organizations can help you provide a care package to troops in all of the branches of the military. Some of them, like the United Service Organizations (USO), simply ask for cash donations that will be used to purchase items for a care package. For safety’s sake, these packages are often assembled at National Guard Armories. Some organizations are very faith-focused and will use your donations to help many of the troops receive spiritual literature.

Certain organizations allow you to “adopt” a soldier and send him or her specific snacks, books, games, CDs, movies, hygiene products, international calling cards and other gifts. One of the best benefits of adopting a soldier is that you are often asked to maintain contact with him or her, and you can actually get to know them personally. Many organizations make it a requirement that you will have to send a card or letter every week, along with one or two care packages a month.

You can also help our troops by keeping your eye out for certain promotions companies offer that benefit military personnel. If you occasionally drink beer, save any bottle caps you get from Miller High Life. Miller donates ten cents for every bottle cap that is returned to a participating retailer to pay for combat veterans to attend sports games, concerts and outdoor excursions. Cheerios recently offered a program that raised money for the USO to help the troops and their families. Many other companies raise money for military organizations and branches throughout the year, and supporting the troops can be as easy as changing the brand of toothpaste you buy.

Supporting the troops from home can be easy and inexpensive, and all of our warriors who are overseas will greatly appreciate your efforts.

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