Operation Military Pride – Ways to Support the Troops

Different Ways to Support the Military Troops —

The military is an integral force of liberty for the people of the United States of America. Without the men and women in military who sacrifice their own needs on a daily basis to serve us, we would not be able to enjoy the freedoms that our forefathers sought. As American citizens, it may not be our duty to serve, but it should be our honor to support those who make our livelihoods possible.

Supporting to Military Personnel Abroad

Military troops that are stationed overseas are often left feeling lonely and isolated as they serve their country far from family or friends. Personal letters, cards, and even phone calls or video chat sessions are items that members of the military look forward to with great passion. However, not every soldier has family, and many do not have the ability to communicate as often as they would like.

Anyone can support a soldier that is stationed overseas. Sending cards and letters that show how greatly they are valued is among the most valued items that military troops can receive. Sending an individual card is a great step, but gathering a group of school children, a social organization, or a religious group to send thank you letters en masse is even more meaningful.

While troops serving overseas need moral support, there are many tangible items they need as well. Field boots, all weather socks, travel size toiletries, insect repellant, and food items that have an extended shelf life can be gathered into care packages and sent overseas. There are many not for profit organizations that put together care packages for our soldiers. Individuals wishing to show their support in this way can choose to give aid to one of these organizations in the form of goods or a donation.

Supporting Military Personnel Serving Domestically

Not all troops are stationed overseas. Whether they are on military assignment domestically or if they are on leave here in the US, we can still show our support in many ways. A small, yet meaningful gesture is to personally thank members of the military when they appear in public. Be they friends or strangers, troops are grateful when shown the respect that they so deserve.

Individuals that are often forgotten are those who are left behind. The families of military service men and women are their most vital support system, but these people are seldom honored for all they do to aid those who serve our country. Sending gifts or words of encouragement, volunteering with military families, or sending donations to one of the organizations that support military families are excellent ways to offer respect.

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