Operation Military Pride – Ways to Support the Troops

Donate and Volunteer to Help the Troops and their Families. —

Until recently, if you wanted to send a letter of support or a care package to one of our service members, all you had to do was address it to “Any Service Member” and drop it in the mail. The U.S. Post Office made sure the package was delivered to a deserving hero stationed far from home. Anonymous letters and packages are no longer accepted due to increased postal regulations. It’s still possible to show your support for the troops, but you have to use an intermediary to get the goods to the intended service members.

The Pentagon is recommending that people who want to show their thanks to the troops should make monetary contributions, purchase packages from authorized organizations or volunteer their time at a local non-profit company or Veterans’ Administration hospital. There’s no shortage of websites and community-driven solutions if you want to send encouragement to those in harm’s way. You can also donate to places that help support the troops’ families as they try to make ends meet.

There are over 300 nonprofit agencies that are pleased to help distribute your good wishes to our service members in the field, in the hospital or trying to adjust to life in the United States. Here’s a list of several organizations that will help you send gift cards, greeting cards, care packages and other goodies to the troops.

• Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks set up The Billy Blanks Foundation to send packages to the U.S. service members stationed in Afghanistan. The foundation also offers scholarships and donates to after-school programs.

• You can send books, CDs, DVDs and even MP3 players to the troops through the Books for Soldiers program.

• You’ll help troops stay in touch with their loved ones at home through Operation Uplink by donating a telephone calling card.

• Buy gift certificates for wounded and active-duty service members via the Army and Air Force Exchange Services.

• Donate cash to Operation Air Conditioner to help the troops stay cool in the heat of the desert. They also send heaters to those troops in colder climates.

• Donations to American Red Cross Armed Forces provide medical services to active duty troops, veterans, reservists and their families.

• Giving to the USO supports recuperating soldiers and funds USO entertainment tours. A $25 donation is all it takes to send a care package to a service member.

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