Operation Military Pride – Ways to Support the Troops

Guitars for Vets Combines Music and Healing. —

A great way to support the returning troops is to get involved with Guitars for Vets. This non-profit organization is committed to helping returning vets by setting them up with a free guitar and complimentary guitar lessons. The gift of music has the multiple benefits of healing, self-expression and self-confidence. By offering a welcoming, caring environment to those vets who return from their assignments injured or hurting, Guitars for Vets gives veterans a renewed sense of purpose and happiness.

Patrick Nettesheim began Guitars for Veterans after a moving experience he shared with Viet Nam veteran Dan Van Buskirk. Nettesheim and Van Buskirk both grew through the series of lessons that Nettesheim donated. Van Buskirk soon realized that the lessons endowed him with more than just musicality. They raised his spirits, took his mind off his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and helped him focus on his future. Nettesheim says the lessons aren’t about learning to play the guitar. As he puts it, they breed Patience, Acceptance, Gratitude and Empathy. They put the teacher and the student on the same PAGE. Nettesheim sees the guitar as a catalyst for positive human interaction.

Guitars for Vets has over 35 chapters in 25 cities across the United States. When a veteran signs up at a local chapter, he receives a free acoustic guitar and six private lessons from a teacher who donates his time. After that, the vet moves on to group lessons with other vets in a communal setting. The group lessons provide a forum for the vets to talk with other veterans who have a similar background.

Making music has a healing power like no other hobby. It can mend a broken spirit, bring a smile to suffering vet and bind people together by sharing their creativity. Guitars for Vets has put over 1,200 guitars into the hands of vets. Their volunteer instructors have donated over 8,000 lessons to our returning warriors since 2007.

It only costs $200 to deliver the Guitars for Vets program to one soldier. Donations of time, money or guitars help continue the program, which receives no federal assistance. The program is run solely through donations.

To let our vets know they have our support after their mission is complete, donate whatever you can afford to Guitars for Vets. They do a great job of helping our heroes move on with their lives after their time in the service has ended. To participate in this feel-good program, visit http://guitars4vets.org/.

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