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How Military Members Can Be Prepared for a Moving Company

When you hire a professional moving company, you must carefully oversee your move and be organized. Managing your move and taking care of your responsibilities to prepare for the move will help eliminate unforeseen problems and aggravation.

Familiarize Yourself with Your New Home

Researching information about your new home before you move can save a lot of time and stress. If you are relocating to an apartment, ask the following questions:

• Do you need to reserve a service elevator?
• Is there a time limit for its usage?
• Can you only move during designated times?
• Does the apartment have carts or hand-trucks for your use?

Avoid the hassle of furniture not fitting through the door of your new residence by checking measurements before you move. Sell items you cannot use to avoid paying to move it.

Get a Floor Plan of the Premises

Decide where the movers will put the furniture in advance. This will save time and energy on the day of the move.

Give Yourself Sufficient Time to Pack

Whether you pack yourself or use movers to pack, keep in mind that you will also need to purchase packing supplies, which you can buy from your moving company or online.

If you plan to pack yourself, decide create a packing schedule. Give yourself some extra time in case you need additional packing supplies or packing is not progressing as quickly as you anticipated. Remember that breakable items will need to be carefully wrapped. Consider the following tips to make packing less time-consuming:

• Use wardrobe boxes for hanging clothing.
• Do not empty drawers with light clothing or other non-breakable items. Pack them filled.

Make Sure You Are Ready to Vacate on Moving Day

Take Care of Personal Errands

Top 10 Moving Tips suggests returning library books, closing gym memberships, taking care of insurance issues, and alerting friends about your move. Find out when you need to change your motor vehicle registration, and get information about signing children up for school in your new district. Arrange to turn off landline phone service, electric, and other utilities. You will also need to get these services at your new residence.

Other Moving Tips

Whether you pack yourself or let the movers pack, Getting Ready for Your Next Big Move, suggests identifying what you packed. You can label boxes by room. The Mighty Butlers Moving company advises to be as accurate as possible during the estimate process with the moving company you choose so as to save time and going over the estimated time.

Create a list of the number of boxes that go to each room, and keep it accessible. It will be easy to count your boxes to make sure everything arrived.

Make sure you check items when the movers deliver them. Top 10 Moving Tips also advises contacting the moving company to report any problems before their staff leaves. Be careful to read paperwork before signing it at the completion of your move.

Following these moving tips will help make your experience with a professional moving company favorable. Unpack and enjoy your new residence.

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